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The easy way or hard way
  • Easy way: Confiared can provide paid support to help you. It's not free, but you have professional SysAdmin to fix your server.
  • Hard way: You can follow the next points to debug your self you server
Check the IPv6 part
  • Check if you have configured IPv6 AAAA/CNAME entry in you DNS and it's on 2803:1920:XXXXXXX
  • Test via ping if it resolv on IPv6 address too (not only IPv4)
  • Test connectivity on IPv6, if you don't have IPv6, you can use our proxy:
  • Check if from any 2803:1920:XXXXXXXXX you can access to you web server, you can you the proxy above
Other part
  • Maybe the request is too long, to respect the mutualised ressources of reverse proxy, the request time without data is limited in time. You can bypass using IPv6
  • Maybe you server return error, then reverse proxy to prevent informations leak from any body, drop the error page
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