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Previous configuration
  • Update your RouterOS
  • Install or/and enable the IPv6 packages
  • Configure the IPv6, disable IPv4
  • Setup the firewall
  • Setup the IPv6: 2803:1920:0:1::fff0/64
  • Setup Neighbors, 2803:1920:0:1::1/64
  • Settings, IPv6 Forward: Yes
IPv6 Pool


  • Name: TUNNEL, Prefix: 2803:1920:0:1::/64, Prefix Length: 64, here is the IPv6 range assigned for the Wan
  • Name: PD, Prefix: 2803:1920:0:1::ff00:0/104, Prefix Length: 120, here is the IPv6 range assigned for the customer (Lan)
IPv6 DHCP Serveur

Create a server on interface where is linked to OLT lan (ethernet, normal fiber).

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