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 +== What is that's ==
 +It's fast_cgi cache from nginx to **never call the slow php web site**. Just it cache the first time the returned page and return always the same. Useful for 95% of content because without login it never change.
 +== Purge ==
 +It's total purge each time at 0h0min, and nginx **don'​t keep more than 24h cache** on 200 (normal page), 301/302 redirection,​ 404 (not found).
 +You can manually delete it via:
 +  rm -Rf /​tmp/​nginx/​*
 +== When ==
 +It's enabled by default util you do POST request. Done via login, register, add to card into shop. When you do that, it do **CDIS** cookie and disable the cache.
 +== Other impact ==
 +This system **protect against the basic DDOS attacks**, in 2017 we fight against 95% of basic DDOS attacks.
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